What Workout Clothes Do I Wear After Forty Years Old?



Girls, you still want to appear your best. For us gals, exercise can mean different things. For some of us, exercise is a chore and torture; let alone trying to look pretty with perspiration streaming down our face. For others, no matter what we are doing, we have to look cute!

Don’t despair. You can still look good during a workout. In fact, there are many fun outfits that will make you feel like you want to get through your workout. First of all, you must choose comfort more than anything else. While working out, you want to wear clothing that allows you to move comfortably. Tight clothing is a no-no when it comes to exercising. So don’t try going to the gym in tight pants.

Tips to Update Your Fitness Wardrobe

Here are some tips to updating your workout attire:

• Choose a bold color for the top of your outfit. Color provides the added energy that you will need. Nothing like some color to make a woman feel like she wants to get up off the couch and start the healthy routine.

• Wear something fitted, but not too baggy. Some women feel better in big t-shirts, but that is not necessary. You can show off your curves without the tightness.
• Make sure you have a bra that supports you; one that is monochromatic.

• Wear a pair of long pants that flair at the ankle for added comfort. In addition, it will look more suitable than capris or pants with straight legs. Flair pants balance out the hips and the butt.

• Wear fresh tennis shoes. Throw out the dirty ones. Nothing ruins a fitness outfit like dirty tennis shoes. You can wash them or purchase a new pair. If you are not good at keeping them clean, buy some black ones. They lengthen your legs and hide the dirt!

• Choose a jacket that is colorful and bright. This way, you will be able to run a few errands after your workout at the gym. No one will take notice that you have just come from a workout.


Do you exercise at all! If so, why don’t you? What is the hold up? Is it the attire or you just don’t feel like it? As you can see, workout can be fun and you don’t have to feel and look frumpy to do so. How do you feel about that? What are your thoughts about this? We would like to know. Leave your valuable comments.

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Article Source: What Workout Clothes Do I Wear After Forty Years Old?

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