Workout Clothing For Workout Success? You Bet!



Ever see exercisers looking miserably unhappy with sagging sweatpants, ripped up over-sized T-shirts and sneakers that have seen better days?

They want to workout to improve their health but somehow, don’t you think they’ve got it all wrong?

Because you’re supposed to start by looking good – having the proper workout clothing and shoes for your routine.

The gist with workout clothing is not to wear something that’s too tight, binding or pinching because that will restrict your range of motion. A good one should make you feel confident, comfortable and dry and which can provide the right support and comfort level so you can workout properly.

Don’t succumb to the idea that one type of workout attire is enough to fit all occasions. Different exercise requires different type of clothing.

For instance:

workout-clothing111. For running and other high intensity cardio exercises such as kickboxing, cardio dancing and step aerobics, you need a fabric blend (of polyester or cotton and Lycra combo) and technology that keep moisture away from your body. The moisture-wicking fabric is good for these “sweat-a-lot” cardio exercises plus it helps to reduce chafing.

2. For Yoga or Pilates, you need comfortable clothes that allow your lower body to move freely. The best fit for this is the rich, tactile fabrics such as velour or polyester blends with a drawstring waist and slightly flared legs.

3. For medium intensity exercises such as biking, weight training or brisk walking, you need moisture-wicking material to keep sweat away from your body.

When you put on appropriate clothing according to the type of workout, you look good. When you look good, you feel good. It’s a mental kind of thing. For example, you’ll feel better doing that run knowing that your outfit is coordinated.

And if you love fashion and style, you’ve added bonuses there…..

workout-clothing1Please, I’m not asking you to spend tons on workout attire.

Just approach it realistically and buy a few that suits you and your workout type.

You’re not exercising to make fashion statement. It’s not just about looking good, it’s about improving your health and feeling better.

But more than moisture-wicking fabrics and “fashionable” clothes, your workout clothe can be an inspiring thing.

It can become a reward, a kind of treat, for decking out in good-quality attire while working out. This is especially so when you’ve achieved your goal in working out, say, you’ve lost 10lbs, on target.

That calls for a celebration, surely? Reward yourself with a new workout attire!

My conclusion is this – wear what makes you feel comfortable. That means if you you feel comfy and look good in say, a knee-length workout pant, which also makes it easy for you to get on the stair-climber…….go for it then!

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Article Source: Workout Clothing For Workout Success? You Bet!

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